Hazards in class

Be aware of the way of closing doors and windows.

Be aware of penetration foreign body in the eye or skin.

Object exposure (rubber, pencil, and ruler).

The use of hazardous materials, in laboratory, art, class (pins, sharpener, compass etc).

Follow proper sitting position rules.

Students must never place pens in the mouth.


Infection control

Encourage good hand hygiene (after recess, sneezing, sport, eating).

Students must follow proper sneezing etiquette.

Students must keep antimicrobial wipes with them.

Students complaining with flu must apply the face masque and send to the nurse for assessment.

In case of vomiting (give student any basin or sac for environmental sanitation), send to the nurse.

Sports Safety

Sports offer plenty of physical activity for fitness and also teach you how to work together with others as part of a team. Sports can teach you how to make the right choices for yourself as well as for your team.

No matter what sport you play, you need to always be sure you are using the right safety gear and are using equipment that fits the right way. What safety gear you will need:

Most of the time you’ll need items like shin pads, helmets, mouth guards, elbow pads, knee pads, shoulder pads, etc… Some sports use very little safety gear and other sports use a lot depending on the amount of contact you will make with other players.

Using items that do not fit the right way can cause injury to occur the same as if you weren’t wearing any at all.

Riding a scooter, skateboard, or using in-line skates

would mean that you should wear a helmet, elbow pads, knee pads and wrist guards.

If your knee pads were too big and too loose, then they could either ride up above or below your knees if you fell down and your knees would still get scraped up. The knee pads would not protect you the way that they are meant to.

Some general safety tips for team sports:

Getting hurt while playing a team sport can happen from tripping or falling, running into another player, being hit with an object or from working your body too hard.

Before you join any sport you should go to your doctor for a check-up and get an okay to play.

You should learn the basic skills needed to play the game the right way and make sure that you are playing with other kids who are at the same skill level and size that you are.

Always wear the right safety gear and make sure that it fits you the right way.

Always use the same safety gear to practice as you would for a real game.

Be sure that someone checks the field or play area before a game so that there isn’t anything in or on the ground that can cause a fall, twist or sprain.

Drink plenty of water before during and after your games or practices to keep your body full of the amount of water it needs to keep you going.

Some general first aid tips for common injuries:

Bleeding if you or someone you know gets cut and it seems to be more than a simple scrape or minor cut you should:

Apply pressure.

Raise the bleeding part above the person’s heart.

Call for help.

Do not put medicine on the wound, wait for help to arrive.







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