Preventive Measures taken in HHHS

Love Being a Diabetic

14 November 2017

November is the World Diabetes Awareness Month! On November 14, the World Diabetes Day takes place annually to mark the birthday of insulin co-discoverer Dr. Frederick Banting. In an attempt to raise awareness about diabetes at our school, HHHS Nursing Department shares the letter of our Type One Diabetic heroine, Mira Yamani, who has decided to courageously confront her community by writing the following letter and posting it on the school website in order to transmit the power and courage she has gained among all the readers. “I am Mira Yamani, a 12th grader at HHHS. I was diagnosed with diabetes at an early age; I was asked a lot about the reason for injecting myself with insulin. I don’t like people to consider diabetics as “disabled” or “retarded.” During my journey, my mom was very supportive since she realized that she couldn’t change the fact of me being diabetic, but she can change how she lets diabetes influence my life. Due to her support, I realized that I’ve become stronger than before just because I am diabetic! This year, I will be graduating from the high school with a degree that would reflect my progress not only on the academic level but also on the social one. Towards the end, I would like to tell you that Illness doesn’t define you, but your strength and power does.” Hope this inspiring letter touches all people who would underestimate the potentials of diabetics and start viewing them as normal people just as Mira does. Since the cure starts with awareness, educational handouts were distributed to high and middle school diabetic learners who wrote their wishes and pieces of advice for others.

Ohoud afara Middle and Secondary school registered nurse






Middle School – 23 October 2017

To pave the way for healthy choices at our school and to reduce the risk of illness during our learners’ academic year, an informative session under the title of “LET’S STAY HEALTHY” was conducted to all 6th graders in the Middle School Division. The overall goal of this session was to promote our students’ healthy lifestyles through reducing risks of short and long-term health complications and illnesses especially during school time in an attempt to diminish absenteeism from the school. This educational session has enhanced our learners’ knowledge about some of the necessary healthy tips related to various topics including nutrition and taught them the proper hand washing technique, the sneezing etiquette, the major procedures for managing stress, the appropriate outfit worn in different climate conditions and the suitable hygiene in addition to the importance of getting plenty of sleep, drinking water daily and brushing teeth regularly. Following these tips would enable the students to understand the impact of frequent handwashing and usage of hygienic hand disinfectant on the human health. Moreover, educational handouts were distributed, and posters were posted everywhere in the Middle and Secondary School buildings in order to reduce the risk of catching germs after playing or eating during the recesses. Ohoud Afara Middle and Secondary School Registered Nurse



AED Protects the Lives of HHHS Youngsters and Athletes

19 Sep 2017

Sudden cardiac arrest can be the first vivid symptom of hypertrophic cardiomyopathy disease in youngsters especially the athletes. Our school aims at raising awareness regarding cardiac risk among the youth. Dr. Mona Othman El Hage, who lost her son due to Sudden Cardiac Arrest, once said, “With heart screening and better preparedness in the sport fields, we can protect the lives of young athletes and give them another chance to live longer and healthier.” To help prevent this serious problem from happening, it has been necessary to advocate for cardiac screening that was conducted at our school during the previous years by Champ’s Fund, a charitable fund department of Family Medicine at the American University of Beirut Medical Center. Moreover, HHHS has provided its registered nurses with the opportunity to attend workshops about First Aid Training & Basic Life Support that were held by the Order of Nurses and AUBMC given by Champ’s Fund. Since the health and security of our students matter, Makassed Islamic Philanthropic Association has also provided HHHS with an AED (Automated External Defibrillator), which can be used in case our pupils are predisposed to sudden cardiac arrest due to several heart disorders including structural, congenital or any rhythm abnormality. It offers them a chance for survival by analyzing the rhythm and shocking the heart when necessary. In fact, we are more than privileged to be the first school in the region to own this machine.

Ohoud Afara Middle and Secondary School Registered Nurse


Preventive Health Measures taken in HHHS

February 29, 2016

Young people, especially athletes are at risk of sudden cardiac death, and the loss of a young teenager is devastating. Based on that, our school was aware of this serious issue and took a step to invite Champ’s Fund, a charitable fund department of Family Medicine at the American University of Beirut Medical Center, demonstrated by Dr. Mona Othman Al Hage. Actually, we were pleased by working with her,  for she showed generous collaboration through many cardiac screening sessions under the heading of “Young Hearts & Athletes Health ” addressed to our students in the middle and secondary schools. Students were examined, focusing on several heart conditions that can predispose them to sudden cardiac death; these include structural problems in the heart (such as hypertrophic cardiomyopathy), heart rhythm abnormalities (such as long QT syndrome), or congenital anomalies. A Diagnostic Report Sheet will be provided for each student to inform parents about their cardiac health and to raise awareness on the importance of regular heart investigations.










Safety Health Precautions Measures Taken in HHHS


11 Jan, 2010

An effort incorporating safety health precautions was mounted at Houssam Eddine Hariri High School and this time was to raise awareness among our students and teachers about the causes of epilepsy and seizures, their possible development, and how to cope with their disorders and consequences. Besides, an informative presentation session was organized by the School Health Department and instructive handouts were distributed.

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Awareness Sessions About Diabetes Mellitus and Hypertension For staff members and learners

Academic year 2012-2013

Since we believe that education is the key for empowering our school staff and community members, an informative educational session about diabetes mellitus and hypertension was presented to all school drivers, who are diagnosed with these illnesses. In fact, the presence of healthy unstressed drivers would absolutely ensure the safety of our students and contribute to the welfare of the school community. Our middle school students also had the opportunity to attend a similar lecture that provided them with ongoing knowledge about hypertension, self-management skills and lifestyle modifications. The overall goal of this session is to promote a better quality of life for our students through improving outcomes, enhancing students’ life styles and reducing risks of short and long-term health complications.

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